Photo: Arthur Drooker

Art Authority is pleased to announce fine art printing services for artists and photographers. Art Authority co-founder and world renowned digital printmaking pioneer R. Mac Holbert brings his years of knowledge and expertise to this new service. Many of our clients are renowned artists in their own right, but rely on Mac to hone their vision into the best prints possible. We are accepting a limited number of fine art clients and look forward to talking to you about the opportunity of working with you. Contact us at the number below.

We are accepting a limited number of fine art clients and look forward to talking to you about the opportunity of working with you. To contact us fill out the form above or call us at: (877) 679-6099


My abiding and enduring indebtedness to Mac Holbert, with whom I have been working for over twelve years.

He has been the lynchpin and mainstay of all my projects since the inception of my photographic journey.

His mastery of composition, color, light, shadow, and nuance is unparalleled. He is a genius of imagination, proportion and simplicity and thus fulfills the very definition of a photographic maestro in his relentless pursuit of excellence and search for clarity in imaging.

Richard Ehrlich - Photographer

I have worked with Mac Holbert since 1993. His expertise in digital printing is unmatched. As a pioneer in the field, he has established practices that have set the standard for others to follow. Mac's approach to digital printing melds the deep knowledge of a master craftsman, with the heart of an artist, and the eye of a visionary. When you work with Mac, you're working with the best!

Arthur Drooker - Photographer

If you have never worked with Mac Holbert you are missing out big time! “I love collaborating with my clients, getting the most out of their creativity” he said to me when we first met 20 year ago at Nash Editions.

Mac’s creative eye, his knowledge of how to maximize your images using Photoshop and the finer points of creating digital prints is astounding. His background in painting, including an amazing sense of color, his ability to enhance the print to have it jump off the page and look incredible are just a few signs of his mastery.

Even though he moved to Ashland, Oregon quite some time ago, we still collaborate. My large prints will be exhibited at the Wildling Museum in Solvang, CA in July 2018.

He used to say - he puts his secret sauce on the image which pops it right off the page. When displayed behind glass, the images just sing. This is a true collaboration!

Cheryl Medow - Photographer

You can't ask for better printers and better service. Mac & team have handled all my prints for years, and every time I look at one for the first time I'm blown away. I love seeing details I didn't even catch on screen. That quality combined with in-depth knowledge spanning decades of printing experience results in what are clearly prints created by masters of the craft.

Jeff Frost - Photographer

R. Mac Holbert has been providing printing services for me since the mid 1990’s. Along the way I have learned from him what an art form the archival digital printing process is! He has introduced me to the possibilities in various papers as well as in how image prep is such an important part of the process. In 1995 the International Center for Photography offered me a show. I insisted on it being digital prints and that Mac Holbert would create them. It was the very first exhibition of digital prints in a major museum. I've always felt a responsibility to provide the most carefully crafted images possible as Ansel Adams said to me: Lynn, photography is the print, nothing really exists until then.” I put complete trust in Mac to not only provide world-class prints, but to help my vision to be manifested in the way I want people to see it. His imaging skills are among the best in the world.

I can’t recommend his services highly enough! Consider yourself a lucky person when you get the opportunity to work with him.

Lynn Goldsmith - Photographer

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